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Anjana Nathwani

Anjana Nathwani


Athena Learning Academy is owned by Anjana Nathwani.  

Very often described by her peers as a pioneer and someone who has the courage and determination to follow her convictions. Anjana has held several senior leadership roles, before starting her own business in June 2011. As a Business Psychologist, she is passionate that organisation’s create environments where people can thrive and optimize their potential.

In 2014, there was a pause in her life, an illness that made her determined to make strides. After 18 months of teaching, module leading, post graduate academic advisor at Hertfordshire Business School, she has decided to follow her dreams and has launched Athena Learning Academy.

Skilled at engaging senior leaders and facilitating a process where they actually begin to realize the merits of behaviour change and creating performance measures to drive real results.

Her experience spans across four continents and 80 different nationalities, has worked with over 100 clients, including leading Universities. In recent years, she has worked in India and Asia. Anjana is a Member of the British of the Psychological Society.

She speaks regularly at conferences and her recent contributions are at the WIN conferences in India, Europe and in Japan. In February 2017 World HRD Congress gave her an award for Global Diversity Leadership and 2012 she was commendable nominee of the Asian Women of Achievement Awards!

Expertise includes: Change Management, Leadership, Organizational Behaviour, Global Working, Global Leadership, Employee Engagement, Inclusive Leadership, Gender Diversity, Generations, Talent Management and Performance Management.
Anjana is passionate about well being and is a yoga therapist. She offers Well -Being programmes for leaders and executives undergoing the cancer journey and beyond!

Our Purpose

Encouraging organisations and people to Be HUMAN!

We are based in the UK with a growing footprint in North America, Europe, Singapore, India and Japan. We work with organisations and people on invoking potential and to thrive!