Wake Up and Live Retreats

  • Our exclusive Wake Up and Live Retreats provide that space for Leaders and Executives to create momentum from within to deepen their mental and physical health to respond more proactively to the disruptive external context.
  • Our retreats are for Leaders working in any business context and who are exasperated or have been through a journey of chronic illness and want to Wake Up to Life!
  • We provide an opportunity to ‘Retreat’ from daily routine to the possibilities of expansion and new horizons.  As well as all the core ingredients of yoga, massage, meditation, mindfulness – we structure activities that provide space to ’play’ and find direction.   In essence:
    • It is about disrupting routine; getting comfortable with what was once uncomfortable; making choices that come from an inner wisdom, invoking that new way of being, defining purpose and intent and going from action mode to momentum mode.
  • We deliver in house and open retreats.  Our open retreats are held in Japan, Canada and India.